Maintenance contracts

Let us look after you.  ...  we're good at it!

We see the people who haven't taken care of their networks or their computers.  Our advice is not to wait until it's too late. Simple regular maintenance will, in most cases mean your business can be back up and running the same day. 
If you need to know where you are at from month to month then an IT maintenance contract is for you.  It's not just big companies who need maintenance.  For small to medium size businesses it's absolutely crucial to be on the ball and back up running as fast as possible.  Even a morning out of action can mean allot of pressure for the whole team. 

It needn't cost the earth  .. but keeping a regular eye on things can prevent disasters ( most of the time) and keep things running smoothly so hopefully you'll avoid any hefty unexpected bills. 

We also love our regular customers across Northampton & surrounding area.. we're local  .. so we have a  reduced rate .. so you save even more money and you can relax. 

Oh ..  and we also provide a spare computer free of charge if you do have a break down.